Adopting a Turtle

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Hi All,

Many of you have expressed an interest in Adopting turtles for the 2011 (and future) Turtle Season.

So we thought the best way to let everyone know the who’s, how’s, why’s, when’s, if’s, but’s (you get the picture) …is to open a discussion which we can can easilly provide everyone with information and a place where people can comment, and make suggestions.

Adopting a turtle is basically straigtforward.

1. Let us know you’d like to adopt and then we’ll find a “lonely” unadopted turtle for you.

2. The cost is TT$120.00 or US$ 20.00 each year you’d like to adopt or get updates on your turtle. Keep in mind that turtles nest every 2-3 years so you can adopt one or more.

3. How you can forward your adoption donation.

In Tobago its easy, call, e-mail or Facebook and you’ll find us or we’ll find you.

In Trinidad you can post us a cheque or we can send you direct deposit details for our bank (this works if you’re in Tobago too). We don’t recommend sending cash in the mail :-( .

Internationally/ Credit Card you can make your adoption donation via the Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Network’s (WIDECAST) website using Paypal.

Remember when you donate via the WIDECAST website under the section “Add Special Instrument to Merchant” to put:

***Please forward donation to SOS Tobago/ Turtle Adoption***

This ensures that Widecast not only know’s who is making a donation but where to send it. You’re full donation/adoption payment is sent to us so don’t worry :-)

Let us know when this bit is done so we can get the ball rolling and your turtle adopted.

4. Our contact details:

Post: P. O. Box 27, Scarborough, Tobago, West Indies.

Phone: (868)328-7351


5. What does your adoption entitle you to? First we’ll mail you a nice certificate with ALL your turtle’s vital statistics (tags, size, where she first tagged, IUCN status etc.) If you prefer we can e-mail you the certificate instead as it saves paper, ink and generally is more green and friendly to the planet and turtles :-)

Second, at the end of the nesting season we’ll e-mail you an update of all her known nesting activity. Keep in mind that although turtles can nest 4-10 times in a season, some only visit our beaches only once :-( …but we’ll try our best to find out if she visited other beaches :-)

6. what happens to your donation/ adoption payment. It goes straight back into sea turtle conservation in Tobago (and by extension Trinidad, the Caribbean and the World) facilitating patrols, education, reserach and conservation as a whole.

We hope EVERYONE finds this information useful. Of course if you have any other questions please feel free to message us.

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