Turtle Friendly Tips

Turtles can be deterred from emerging onto the beach or scared off the beach before nesting, by light and activity.  Be quiet and unobtrusive on beaches during the nesting season.  Keep noise and movement to a minimum; you are much more likely to see a turtle!!

Don’t use flashlights, flambeaux or campfires while on nesting beaches at night! Campfires can literally bake the nests beneath them and light scares and disorients turtles and hatchlings. For this reason, beachfront lights should also be turned off at night during the nesting season.

Don’t smoke while there are turtles on the beach.

Don’t litter! Garbage left on the beach can trap hatchlings and prevent them from reaching the sea. Turtles at sea can choke or suffocate when they mistake floating plastic bags for jellyfish.

Don’t drive on nesting beaches! Vehicles can crush entire clutches of eggs beneath the sand.

Don’t stake umbrellas or other objects on nesting beaches, nests will not always be obvious. For this reason, sandcastles should also be kept below the high water mark to avoid accidentally disturbing or destroying any eggs.

Control dogs on the beach as they can sometimes dig up nests and eat eggs and hatchlings!

Don’t touch, ride or harass nesting turtles or hatchlings!

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